I don’t have any Money!


When making collection calls you must ask questions that require specific answers.  Ask all your questions with precision and make the transistion from questions to a payment arrangement easily. All your questions should be clear and to the point, with silence after each question. Example: Debtor:  I can’t pay, I …

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Handling emotional debtors


When you make calls to customers that are past due, brace yourself for an emotional phone call. That emotion might be anger, embaressment, sadness and could entail crying, swearing and yelling. Be ready for this.  Making debt collection calls is hard enough but trying to convince a crying customer to …

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Don’t pick up that phone!


Never make a collection call without researching an account first. Check the account in the computer, make sure you know what the balance is for, when the last pay date was, the invoices etc. You need to have a plan before you pick up the phone.  Some things to look …

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Setting Up Payment Plans


When trying to get paid from past due customers while the country is in a recession can be tough.  Many people can just about put food on the table or fuel in their vehicles, and don’t have anything left over to pay you. If you cannot get payment in full …

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The End of Easy Credit


When easy credit even first began it was perplexing to many. Why were lenders trying to entice consumers who had little or no credit or even consumers with bad credit to borrow money from them?  Lenders could make more money by lending money or extending credit to people who could …

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